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Holland Valley Coffee is a proud supporter of the ABCs (Associate for Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer Studies) Charity Foundation. The Associates for Breast and Prostate Cancer partners with the John Wayne Institute and devotes all its resources to eradicating breast and prostate cancer. Since 1990, the ABCs have raised over $15,000,000 for breast and prostate cancer research. Holland Valley has contributed to the ABCs through donations and sponsorship, uniting with the Charity with a common goal to improve the lives of people with cancer.

We Support the Youth in Local Communities Through our Nonprofit Organization
Ruby’s Valley Of Hope is a nonprofit organization that’s going to provide underprivileged children a place to go to after school so they don’t have to run the streets and continuously jeopardize their future. We will be teaching financial literature (and giving money to manage), bilingual skills, health and assisting with homework. We will also provide one meal a day (Monday-Friday). We will be based in New Haven, Connecticut, where Founder/CEO, Sean Holland of Holland Valley Coffee was born and raised. It was once labeled the 4th most dangerous city in America. Gun violence is a everyday occurrence and we want to take the responsibility to provide the youth an alternative route.